Friday, October 1, 2010

kraft mac and cheese, character version

i don't know if it's just me, or if kraft brand mac and cheese tastes better when it's the character shaped ones... but i'm leaning toward the latter. i mean, even if you get the box kind with the long noodles, they never taste as good as the character ones. i don't think there's a clear cut difference between spongebob and pokemon, but they all just have this wonderful, god-like quality to them. in short, delicious.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

balancing birds

no, really. they're awesome.

saving earthworms

does anyone else do this? just after the rain, go around and save earthworms from being trampled? i was walking home today and saved about 7 in the cold dreary fall sprinkles. it's necessary. it's probably some crazy karma thing i'm feeling or whatever. i've rescued so many. it's kind of like that weird moral where the guy's throwing starfish into the ocean or something. maybe.

save as many as you can.


ever since i can remember, i have always been knee-deep in creekwater, clambering around slippery rocks and avoiding crawfish thinking that they'd eat my feet if i wasn't careful. everywhere i've lived, i've been ten feet from some kind of creek. i've erected treeforts on every creekbed, built dams to keep the shallow water pooled, and captured minnows in gladware containers. creeks are badass. you can throw rocks in them, jump in them, sit in them, float shit down them. it's crazy. i once found a baby bird near one. it died. i guess they're more fun to play in than throw baby birds in.

they tell you to never drink water out of creeks... i've done a lot. a lot a lot. maybe that's why i have brain damage.


this blog was created with the intent of writing more. i used to be so in touch with fabricating journal entries and blog posts or what have you, but now i never write down what i'm thinking. i never pause to slop some words on a keyboard and slather the internet with them. this was made to fix that. 'ttaw' is a blog where i can post things that i think deserve a little more recognition than they get on a daily basis. it can be anything from toilet paper to dinosaurs, from buttons to stationery. prepare for the onslaught of incredibly random posts giving everyday items a little ego boost.

i have too much time on my hands.